BIORAY RAYZ Life is Peachy 2 oz

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For teens 12 – 18 years old

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Not sure why you’re off, craving sugar like crazy, and cranky on top of it? Life Is Peachy® might sound like an oxymoron and that’s the point. The ingredients in this formula take sh*t down several notches to finally becoming, well, peachy. There are these little bugs that can live in and around our finger nails, lay eggs and all that. Then they make it into our bodies. Yeah…gross. But it’s the truth. When these guys multiply; a person starts to feel off, not quite like themselves. Angry outbursts and the like can occur. It’s totally normal when these unwanted microorganisms are present. Life Is Peachy® is a broad spectrum micro-organism cleanse and a binder of other environmental toxins. Really, anyone who eats out 2x or more a week, has pets, bites their nails, or has a general aversion to washing their hands before eating should do a life is peachy® cleanse for 5-6 weeks, two times a year. More often if the telltale signs mentioned show up. Then you’ll know what to do.


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