Welcome! I am Carey Horrigan, founder of Niamh Wellness (pronounced Nee-ehv). I am a wife and a mother to 10 beautiful humans. I am a Doctor of Traditional Naturopathy, as well as a Holistic Doula, Certified Fertility Specialist and Lactation Educator. I began a wellness journey 29 years ago when I was a very young woman, pregnant with my oldest child. After suffering through struggles to get pregnant and stay pregnant, I educated myself on everything I could get my hands on, to learn about my body and how to ensure health for my family.

My life has been immersed in teaching my children every aspect of healthy, sustainable living, respect for every life and an appreciation for the extraordinary gifts of the natural world. A few years ago my family relocated our urban farm to 40 acres in Ludington, Michigan. Our goal is self-sustainability. We are reestablishing our herb and vegetable gardens here, among our cherry and apple orchards and our children and animals are loving the expanded space to roam. We are learning and growing all the time and appreciate enormously the education, sharing and guidance that goes on in the sustainable farming community.

My goal as a Wellness Practitioner is to bring my experience and knowledge of natural health and wellness, into my community and the surrounding areas, and to guide clients in their desires for healing and healthy living. Education and self-empowerment are the foundation of any wellness journey. The focal aspect of my practice, is educating woman on the innate capability, intuition and power of their bodies, preparing woman for pregnancy, supporting healthy pregnancy, natural childbirth and postpartum healing. Good health is not only the way to a successful, full term pregnancy, but the foundation of a baby’s health for the whole of their life. Healthy children become healthy adults and parents. Healthy beginnings are the first step in dis-ease prevention.